How are they transported of the mushroom logs?

6048 pcs for 20′ container/ 14088 pcs for 40′ container.

Because it has to be refrigerated, So he can not send LCL

What is price?


Shiitake mushroom spawn:USD1.0/pcs

Oyster mushroom spawn:USD0.8/pcs

King oyster mushroom spawn:USD0.8/pcs

How soon mushroom will grow from your logs in growing rooms?

7 or 10 days after you received our logs.

What climate should be in the growing rooms? Temperature, RH?

The best temperature is 10 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Relative humidity is greater than 80%.

How many kg mushrooms from 1 log?

Total Output more than 0.6—0.9kgs.

How many days we can pick mushrooms from 1 flash?

Around 7–10 days you can start to pick the mushroom.

How fast second flash will come?

After 30 days the second flash will come.

Size and packing of the goods?

Shiitake mushroom spawn:Size: 10*40cm

Weight: 1.5-1.6kg/pcs,   Total output: 0.6-0.9kg

Total period: 3 flush, 90 days

Shelf life: 6 months,     Pack way: mesh bag or carton


MOQ: 1*20HR (Carton package: 6048pcs)

(King)oyster mushroom spawn, size is 12*24cm,

weight is 1.35-1.45kg/pc,     

1 flushes(around 10 days) can harvest around 0.4kg/PC

MOQ :1*20′HR, (Carton package:7200pcs)

How much of a greenhouse do I need to build to grow them?

1*40HR container just holds 13500-14000 pcs,

Need 300 square metre greenhouses to breed.

It needs to be on the shelf.  Each shelf is 7 storey high.

How many workers does he need for routine maintenance?

Daily management is mainly picking mushroom and spray water.

Five workers can manage ten greenhouses in China.

I have no experience in mushroom farming. Can I do it well?

You don’t  worry. If you need, I can send a technician to provide technical support for you, either in the short term or in the long term.